Sylvie Donmoyer

Welcome to the portfolio of Sylvie Donmoyer, a free lance illustrator and professional painter.

As a self taught artist, I have been involved in the visual arts all my life and have developed a wide variety of techniques ranging from airbrush and oil paint on canvas to 2 and 3D techniques.

My specialty is pairing the precision of the scientific illustrator with the imagination of the professional artist.


As a painter, an early fascination for the Flemish Primitives lead me to Amsterdam and through the Dutch Golden age to Escher.

The exploration of the visual side of Mathematics started with the encounter with mathematician Jean Pedersen at Santa Clara University, CA.


  • Mc Graw-Hill : poster de géométry poster
  • Dilingen Akademie : "Die Kunst des Mathematik"
  • Cambridge University Press : "A Mathematical Tapestry" with Jean Pedersen and Peter Hilton
  • Mathematical Association of America : Mathematics Magazine- April 2012
  • Symmetry : Cover of "Journal of Symmetrion" 2015
  • Princeton University Press : "mathematics + art, a cultural history" par Lynn Gamwell
  • Ecole branchée, Canada- May 2017
  • Exhibitions

    Exhibitions of my paintings have been held in Art galleries, convention centers and universities.

  • Stanford University 2001
  • Joint Mathematics Meetings 2012
  • Joint Mathematics Meetings 2013
  • Symmetry Festival 2013
  • CIJM Paris 2015
  • Nuit des Maths 2015 et 2016
  • Colloquium Abraham de Moivre 2017
  • 30 years ofTangente- Paris 2017
  • Esma- European tour 2018
  • LAREMA- Angers University 2019